A quick-release adapter is included as standard with the FollowMe set, suitable for bikes with a derailleur. The XL quick release can be used if it is too short. Check here how the difference is measured.

The axle nut adapters replace the rear wheel axle nuts of the parent bike, available in 4 sizes. Sometimes the nuts fall into the frame of the bicycle. These adapters may extend a maximum of 12.5mm into the frame to attach the FollowMe Tandem.

Is for bikes: Rohloff with fixed axle, backpedal brake without gears, derailleur with fixed axle nuts, NuVinci and Enviolo hub, Sram I motion or Go SwissDrive.

3/8 inch:
Is for bikes with Shimano Nexus 4, 7 or 8 gears or Alfine 8 or 11 gears.

M12 x 1:
Ion E-bike with rear wheel motor

M12 x 1.25:
Rarely occurs. For Ahooga bikes and Decathlon e-bikes (Riverside rear wheel motor)

A clickbox adapter is required on “granny bikes” and bikes that have a hub gear with a “block” on the right side of the wheel such as: Nexus 3, Sram S7, Sram P5.

Finally, there are bikes with a fixed thru-axle, these are mainly e-bikes. For an overview of all fixed thru-axle adapters and how to measure them, see this PDF document