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The FollowMe Tandem: a flexible trailer bike
We cycle to work, school, sports, for fun, because it is healthy or simply because it is faster. Children are taken along from an early age: in a front seat, in a rear seat and when they are big enough on their own bike. The step to letting your child ride a bike all by himself is quite a big one: children can cycle small distances, but longer distances or cycling in busy streets is sometimes still a bit too much for the little ones. Traffic has become increasingly busy and your child must learn to participate actively. This should be safe, but above all fun! The FollowMe Tandem is the solution: it is a coupling that allows you to attach your child’s bike to your own bike in no time. It is similar to the idea of a trail-a-bike with the big difference that you can detach at any time and let your child cycle independently again. The FollowMe Tandem coupling is functional, robust but at the same time very convenient to use. It attaches to the axles of the rear wheel and fits almost any type of bicycle. The FollowMe Tandem fits adult bikes with wheel diameters from 26 to 29 inches and children’s bikes from 12 to 20 inches. The attachment gravity point is a lot lower compared to specific trailer bikes, providing greater stability, which is important for your child’s safety. Moreover, the rack is still available for a child seat or panniers.


  • Children who can (just) ride a bike independently. With the FollowMe, you can familiarize them safely with the often busy traffic (especially near schools!). No hassle when they get tired: just connect the bike and continue the ride.
  • Children almost able to ride a bike on their own. Transporting multiple children on one bike can be quite a challenge, especially when the oldest is not quite able to ride a bike independently and the youngest is too heavy for the child seat on the handlebars. By connecting your oldest child’s bike with the FollowMe Tandem to your own bike, you essentially create a bike trailer. But one that is a lot cheaper than a cargo bike or a real bike trailer. And one that your child will like much more. Because it is not being transported passively, but actively participating!

The FollowMe tandem comes standard with:

  • Mounting kit for one children’s bike, including the two most common axle nut adapters: 3/8 and 5/16. Other adapters, such as the dropout shaft are available separately.
  • Quick release adapter (derailleur) for one adult bicycle. Adapter sets for other systems are available separately, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this.

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