Clickbox Adapter


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In stock

This adapter is designed for bikes with what is known as a clickbox gear. This gear features a gearbox situated on the right axle nut or a protruding cable, hindering the attachment of the axle nuts. For example, for Nexus 3, Sram S7, Sram P5 and older gears like SA and Torpedo.

A clickbox is an external box that sits on the right axle nut. This makes mounting the FollowMe Tandem a little trickier, often the gear needs to be readjusted, but it always fits!

The clickbox adapter can also be used if your rear wheel has an exceptional axle nut size not covered by the 4 available axle nut adapters. This puts the suspension of the FollowMe Tandem slightly behind your rear axle. The use of this adapter is only possible if there is a luggage rack (or other fixed construction above the rear wheel) on the adult bicycle. The adapter’s long bracket goes in front of the rear luggage rack mounts and prevents the adapter from rotating. Please feel free to contact us with compatibility questions!

Download the manual here